特别是注意到丁峰2013年在Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing (CSSP) 杂志发表过两篇论文。作为该杂志的Associate Editor,不久前杂志主编 M.N.S. Swamy 要求我们从2012年和2013年发表的论文中提名三个最佳论文奖。按照目前的评价标准,丁峰的两篇论文应该很有机会获得最佳论文奖。由于丁峰的做法已经超出了我们能够接受的底线,我刚刚给主编写信建议不要把最佳论文奖授给这些作者。信件内容如下:

From: kelin_du@hotmail.com
To: swamy@ece.concordia.ca
Subject: Please remove Feng Ding(or Ruifeng Ding or Rui Ding) from awards list
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2014 00:15:33 +0000

Dear Prof Swamy

Recently, you asked us to nominate best paper awards.

For nominations of best paper awards, I recommend that all papers by Feng Ding, Ruifeng Ding, or Rui Ding (Jiangnan University) should not be awarded. I have just read an article on Feng Ding’s scandal from www.xys.org, which is most famous website reporting on academic scandals.

Feng Ding has Web of Science citations of 4776 times, but 80% are from himself. Over 90% are from his own team or friends, and over 95% are from China. In order to have some citations from other authors, Feng Ding also published papers in name of Ruifeng Ding and Rui Ding, and then cite Feng Ding’s papers.

Ding, Ruifeng and Ding, Rui have published two papers in CSSP in 2013:

1 Parameter and State Estimation Algorithm for a State Space Model with a One-unit State Delay
  Gu, Ya; Lu, Xianling; Ding, Ruifeng
  CIRCUITS SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING, Vol 32, No 5, pp: 2267-2280, DOI: 10.1007/s00034-013-9569-4, OCT 2013

Among the 66 references, 38 references are Feng Ding’s.

2 An Auxiliary-Model-Based Stochastic Gradient Algorithm for Dual-Rate Sampled-Data Box-Jenkins Systems
  Chen, Jing; Ding, Rui
  CIRCUITS SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING, Vol. 32, No. 5, pp: 2475-2485, DOI: 10.1007/s00034-013-9563-x, OCT 2013

Among the 55 references, 42 references are Feng Ding’s.

Ruifeng Ding, Rui Ding, and Feng Ding are actually the same person, with the same affiliation (College of Internet of Things, Jiangnan University) but difference email addresses. From the university’s information, all the awards from the university on Ruifeng Ding and Rui Ding are claimed by Feng Ding. From the faculty list of the university, there is no Ruifeng Ding or Rui Ding at all.

Please do not consider any award to Feng Ding (or Ruifeng Ding or Rui Ding).

Best regards,

Ke-Lin Du

Xonlink Inc.

在收到信件之后,主编 M.N.S. Swamy立即回复如下:

Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2014 23:15:01 -0400
From: cssp@encs.concordia.ca
To: kldu@ieee.org; kelin_du@hotmail.com
CC: cssp@ece.concordia.ca
Subject: Re: Please remove Feng Ding(or Ruifeng Ding or Rui Ding) from awards list

Dear Dr. Du

Thank you for bring this to my attention. I will make sure that none of his Feng Ding’s papers is considered for any award. Further, I will also keep an eye on any of his submissions to CSSP.




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