前几日看到MRS期刊 Journal of Materials Research (JMR)的CALL FOR PAPERS―JMR Focus Issue Soft Nanomaterials ,其Focus Issue Guest Editor之一为华裔Xuanhe Zhao, Duke University。出于好奇,浏览了XuanheZhao的publication

  发现不可思议,不禁想起了八年前新语丝上的清华刘辉:Xuanhe Zhao于2003年Tianjin University本科毕业,他的第一篇publication为1998年(读高中时)出版的Science 论文!Zhang, QM; Bharti, V; Zhao, X, Giant electrostriction and relaxor ferroelectric behavior in electron- irradiated poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) copolymer, Science, vol 280 no. 5372 (1998), pp. 2101-2104。仔细查看了该Science 论文,作者单位为Materials Research Laboratory and Department of Electrical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University,而从Xuanhe Zhao 的简历看,从无有Pennsylvania State University的经历。


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